The i3 Story

When you work with i3 Plastic Cards, you're in very good company. i3 Plastic Cards was incorporated in 2006 as a sister company of Motion Envelope, an innovative, customer-focused company.

Motion Envelope was founded in 1983 by John Searfoss, the company's owner and president. With a focus on new technologies and aligning processes to meet ever changing customer needs, Motion Envelope has seen 24 years of consistent growth.

i3 Plastic Cards continues that tradition of finding innovative tools and services that better meet customer demand. With American Express signing up as their first customer, i3 Plastic Cards was formed initially to fill the need for a quicker, more efficient process to manufacture faux cards. Traditional print suppliers produce faux cards in sheets with multiple processes that result in slow time to market and high spoilage. i3 developed a seamless, in-line web press that foil stamps, embosses and die cuts at over 5 million cards per day. i3 has changed the faux card market by cutting delivery times in half and saving customers over 30% as compared to the sheet fed suppliers.

In 2007, i3 Plastic Cards expanded capabilities to meet the needs of the pre-paid gift card industry. i3 offers a fully-integrated, in-line solution that includes high quality printing on heavy plastic, in-line mag stripe, encoding and verification, UV DOD imaging and in-line die cutting in various shapes and sizes. This system creates real time remakes, allowing finished cards to be packed at press and ready for immediate shipping to customers. The i3 Plastic Cards high-performance system can produce over 2 million finished cards a day.

For clients looking for environmentally-friendly products, i3 Plastic Cards developed an alternative to Teslin for loyalty cards and key tags. Teslin laminated cards include heat activated adhesive that is not recyclable and ultimately end up in a landfill. i3's patent-pending construction eliminates the need for this adhesive and meets the requirements for recyclable code #3. As with other i3 products, the loyalty cards leverage i3 proprietary in-line technology, resulting in faster production and lower costs than traditional off-line Teslin solutions.

i3 Plastic Cards' customers benefit from the experience of an established and highly motivated team. The leadership team is comprised of individuals with a strong track record in manufacturing and sales of a range of printing solutions and pre-paid cards. What's more, i3's central location in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area makes it possible to supply all parts of the country with equal ease.