Big savings are in the cards.

Why wait months for gift cards? With i3 Plastic Cards you can get the high-quality cards you need in a matter of days. At a savings of 20% or more.


These are just a few of the card styles we offer, all fully-customizable and ready for delivery in days, not months. For sample of our cards, call us or CLICK HERE

Up to 2 million cards a day, with
unprecedented flexibility

  • Card styles from standard CR80 to die cuts of virtually any shape.
  • Card thicknessed from 6 to 30 mil.
  • Print on plastic or foils.
  • State of the art UV process and ink, with a variety of finish options from high-gloss film lamination to liquid coating.
  • Add foils, metallic inks, holograms, create multiple versions, even change art work on the fly.
  • High spped in-line magnetic stripe encoding, DOD imaging, bar codes, numbering and other personalization with in-line verification that creates real time remakes.